By Dianna Effner
Expressions Molds
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Doll & Pictures of Angela by Julia Compagnet
Click picture for Full View of Annalisa
Newborn Infant/Baby Series
19" Annalisa Head
Annalisa Hands (below elbow)
Soft Fired    $20.00
Bisque          40.00
Interchangeable Parts:
Note:  Annalisa's head & arms are slightly larger than other 19" Baby Dolls in Dianna's Series
so the other Feet & Legs & Arms are not an exact interchange with Annalisa.
Closest is 19" Sweet Feet
or Munchkin 3/4 Arms & 3/4 Legs
will substitute but extra charges will apply
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Annalisa can have painted hair  or
if Wig is desired she uses:
Wig Size:  13/14
Eye Size:   18 mm
Annalisa By Dianna Effner
Click picture for Full View of Annalisa