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29" "Gibson Style" Off White Wedding Dress 
Fits the 29" Childhood Fantasies  Lady Body 
Dress is modeled on  
29" Tatiana Doll  
from Childhood Fantasies
Dress is made with satin and lace and adorned with   pearls at the cuffs.  Her dress and train are trimed with lots of lace and yards of pearls. 
Under the dress is satin slip and lace trimed panties. 
A zipper closes the back.
 To complete the outfit is a Vintage Head Piece of flowers ribbon and pearls with the veil at her fingertips. 
She is holding a round flower ball that echoes the flowers on her head. 
All the above is included in this complete outfit.
Off-White Gibsons Style Wedding Dress w/Accessories as described
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1) Full View Front
2)   Close up View
3) Full View Back
4) Hands/Bouquet
5) Head Piece CU
29" Victorian Style Dre 
Fits the 29" Childhood Fantasies  Lady Body. 
Dress is modeled on   
29" Lady Aleene  
by Audry Hamann
Light Purple Victorian Style Dress is made of a Raised Velor with Satin White   and Purple Flower trim. Puffs on the train are netting and lace that is trimed w/flowers and lace. 
The large Hat is made of raised velor with mounds of netting and flower on brim. 
The full slip and panties are light purple satin. 
Adorned w/Pink and purple boa and long pearl beads.
  All the above is included in this complete outfit.
Purple Victorian Outfit w/Hat & Boa
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1)  Front View/Boa
2)  Close up w/Hat
3)  Side/Full View
4)  Front/Full View
5)  Back/Full View

23" Black & Wine Gown 

Fits the 23" Fashion Lady Body from Doll Art Works  
Dress is modeled on  23" Kate by Kelly RuBert
The bodice is black satin with net overlay on sleeves.  Fitted to the nearly all porcelain body with a deep scoop neckline in the back.  The bodice is trimed with silver and black fancy trim that coornates with the
skirt.  The skirt is two layers the outer  is of a wine color with a pattern of a rose embosed in silver and black velvet.  The hem is trimed with black satin ribbon. 
The second layer is made of black satin fabric and both layers are very full.  Included is a half slip in  black with netting for fullness. 
Her hair ornament and necklace is included.  price 
All the above is included in this complete outfit.
Black & Wine w/Rilver Trim Outfit 
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1)  Front Close Up Face
2)  Close up View
3)  Front/Full View
4)  Back/Full View
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