Century Baby
By Kestner & Co.
Seeley Mold
Baby-Infant Series
16 " Century Baby Head
Arms or Hands
Soft Fired    $15.00
Bisque         $30.00
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 Eye Size:     15-16 mm
Wig Size:     11/12 inches
Head Circ.     11" (28cm)
A darling baby with cloth body and unique jointed compo. arms, BCA6 or BCA6S.
By Kestner & Co. Marked: Century Doll Co. Kestner, Germany 275/11.
Flange neck.
Reference: Worksheet for Baby Dolls WSBD4.
Head circ. 11" (28cm), Eyes 15-16mm, Doll size 15.5" (39cm) S246 Century Baby© head mold.
Wt. 18lbs. A9246 Arm mold (entire arm). Wt. 14lbs.
Use with pattern BP54 body with jointed cloth legs or: A9232 Hand mold. Wt. 3lbs.
Use with pattern BP18 Body pattern (unjointed body)
Clothing Pattern for both versions: MP18 Gown and bonnet Head Mold Price $80.50