by German Doll Artist
Inge Tenbusch & Hofheimer-Kinder
Alberta Mold Company
Baby/Child Series
22" Karlchen Head (Flange Neck)
Soft Fired    $27.00
Bisque           55.00
Interchangeable Parts:
24" ARMS
24" LEGS
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                   Wig Size:            12/13 inches
       Eye Size:             18-20 mm
 "Karlchen" by reknowned German Doll Artist Inge Tenbusch and Hofheimer-Kinder and Alberta's Mold Co., copyright 1997.
Inge Tenbusch's dolls are models of children in her home town of Holfheim, Germany, thus the name Holfheim's Children (Hofheimer-Kinder).
Molds are no longer available, and Inge is now producing vinyl dolls only.
Karlchen finishes out to about 22", on a cloth body.
He takes approx 18/20mm eyes, and has a head c. of approx 12".
Head is marked:  Hofheimer  Karlchen  I. Tenbusch.
HK-20 Karlchen Head & legs    22" Cloth Body Pattern.