Lady Grace
Making Memories Mold
"Victorian Mannequins"

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Victorian Mannequins
Listed as " Antique Reproduction or Modern Doll "

36" Lady Grace Head  12" circ.
Lady Grace Bust
Lady Grace Lower Arms
Soft Fired       $ 65.00
 Bisque            $130.00
(Please note Option of Painted Bisque NOT available as Antique Reproduction) 

Interchangeable Body Parts: 

Comparison  Larger Lady Body Parts

Inquire about extra cost  if want 36" Legs for Lady Grace
(Legs/Boots  for this size doll - Additional - Extra Cost)
(Legs/Shoes  for this size doll - Additional - Extra Cost)
(Legs/Barefeet for this doll - Additional - Extra Cost)
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~ Spotlight Doll by Linda Floyd ~
Shown with Permission
 ~ Spotlight Doll by Linda Floyd ~
Shown with Permission

Lady Grace Posable Body
A.  Armholes in chestplate opened up
3ft.   - 2 1/4 diameter hole
B.  Elbow dome of lower arm must be
cut off  at fullest part of forearm &
a groove cut 3/8" from the edges
all around the new end opening
to receive arm tieing cord.
Finished length of greenware doll's arm
 for the 3 ft. -  9 3/4"
Note:  See Excellent Article's in Doll Maker Fall 2002 Issue
Lady Grace - Antique Reproduction by Karen Vaughn
Costume by:  Lorna Yates, Karen Welch, & Glenda Carey
A Parasol for Lady Grace by Karen Welch
Costuming by Karen Welch - A Hat & Shoes for Lady Grace
Pictures of both found in Doll Maker Winter 2002 Issue page 39

Also Excellent Article found in May 1990 Doll Crafter Page 37,39, & 41.
"Lady Grace" , Bru's Masterpiece by Janice Cuthbert

Note: We do not accept orders for Rare reproduction dolls that
require special china Painting techniques
to be true to antique authenticity.

~ Spotlight Doll by Linda Plaskett ~
Shown with Permission as Modern Doll
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This Porcelain Doll is:
Available in Porcelain SFGW (Soft Fired Greenware),
Bisque Blank (Unpainted Bisque), or
China Painted Porcelain Bisque (Painted Bisque)
(Only as Modern Doll and Not as an Antique Reproduction)