"Little Bundle"
Artist:  Julie Good-Kruger
Baby/Infant Series
24" Little Bundle Head (Flange Neck)
Little Bundle Hands
Soft Fired    $22.00
Bisque           45.00
24" Little Bundles with Baby Legs
24" Little Bundle Hands
24" Baby Shay Legs
Soft Fired    $29.00
Bisque           58.00
Interchangeable Parts:
Baby Arms
Baby Legs
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         Wig Size:     14/15 inches
Eye Size:      22 mm
"Little Bundle" was the first mold design by Julie Good-Kruger for the doll maker.
At 24" Long, with a finished head circumference of 14 1/2",
"Little Bundle" is the perfect size for 3-6 month real baby clothes.
This baby with its weighted cloth body,
will feel just right in your arms