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"Groovy" Groove Tool
Used for Deepening the Grooves on Doll Parts
Created by: Monte Floyd
Cost:  $5.95 each
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Diminsions of Groove Tool:  8 1/2 inches long from tip to tip,
 With 1/2 inch Round Oak Handle
Dual tips Great for Deeping or Creating Large or Small Grooves
On both Greenware or Soft Fired Greenware
Flange Necks, Arms, Legs,
Or anything else that needs a Deepened Groove.
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Comments from Customers
...I emailed you to tell you how wonderful the Deep Groove tool works. 
My friend used it and was amazed at how great the grooves are after using it. 
Your husband did a great job in the design...
Judy   12/4/06
...AND that Groovy Groove Tool she sells works great with flanged necks...but it works even greater with the grooves around the arms and legs! Just a GROOVY thing to have! AND they are made out of OAK so that they will not split when wet and the screws are special so they will not rust. Once you get one you will not understand what took you so long! THANKS, MONTE!!! This is just the best!   Carol  4-18-08
DYW Comments: 
This was Posted on the one of the doll board by my special customer Carol Crowley.
     She is so passionate with her knowledge of dollmaking and I really appreciate such a wonderful cheering squad.   The Groove Tool is being renamed because of Carol's suggestion as the "Groovy Groove Tool"
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