Interchangeable Parts:
Teen or Lady Arms
 Sweet Sixteen Arms
20"    29" Sizes
29" Guinevere/Sleeping Beauty Arms
#216-T     29" Lady -Summer, Dominique, Victoria Arms
Note: Arms will Interchanges with Smaller Head 24" (Older) Toddlers
ex: Shirley, Shelby, etc.
24" & 32"- 36" Jade Arms
(These 24" hands work nicely with the 24" to 29" Young Ladies)
(The 32" hands work nicely with the 32 to 37" Lady Hands)
37" Josephine, Julia, or Judith's Arms
by Thelma Resch
35" Irene Hands work nicely for all the Ladies 33 to 37"
(Maybe Extra Charge for substitutions)
Note:  Body Parts are pictured for interchange purposes only, thus no prices are listed. 
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