by Frances Lynne
was Bella Bambina Mold


Fashion Lady Series
    25" Celeste Shoulderhead
Lady Arms
Lady  Legs
Soft Fired    $35.00
Bisque           75.00

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  Wig Size:           10/11 inches
 Eye Size:           16 mm

Celeste stands 25" tall; she has 3/4 porcelain arms,
and legs with molded low heel pumps.
The head, neck and shoulders emerge from the mold
as one continous form,
which eliminates the need for a seperate shoulderplate
and is perfect for your low cut designs.

(Copy of Body Pattern available only with complete doll purchase)

Available in Porcelain SFGW (Soft Fired Greenware),
Bisque Blank (Unpainted Bisque), or
China Painted Porcelain Bisque (Painted Bisque)
Revised: 4-2015

F900 Celeste Lady Fashion shoulderhead mold. Wt 20lbs.
FA900 25” Lady Fashion Doll Arms
FL900 25” Lady Fashion Doll Legs

Body Pattern: P916
Copy available from S & S Fired Arts