Ollie Polly
by Donna RuBert
Doll Artworks Mold

Available in TWO Sizes:
Older Child/Teen Series
Ollie Polly Head
Sherry S/P
Short Blythe Arms
Straight Leg
14" Ollie Polly
Soft Fired   20.00
Bisque         45.00
28" Ollie Polly
Soft Fired    $33.00
Bisque           75.00
Interchangeable Parts:
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For 28" Size:
 Wig Size:            16/17 inches
 Eye Size:            20 mm
For 14" Size:
Wig Size:      __ inches
Eye Size:       10 mm

Spotlight of Ollie Polly
Painted By Jennell Poindexter

This Porcelain Doll is:
Available in Porcelain SFGW (Soft Fired Greenware),
Bisque Blank (Unpainted Bisque), or
China Painted Porcelain Bisque (Painted Bisque)
Price for Head Only
28" Size
SFGW            $17.00
Bisque Price   $35.00

14" Size
 SFGW            $10.00
Bisque Price   $20.00

Ollie Polly
(pictured as a Boy)


Kelly's Painting Instructions on Flyer:
French Antique Slip
Virginia LaVorgna & Seeleys China Paints
Where to put colors:
Antiquing - Head Rose Mirage
Shoulderplate, Arms & Legs -Rose Mirage
Eyebrows: Mix 1/2 part Very Dark Brown and 1/2 Parts Blond Brow
Eyelashes:   same as Eyebrows
Eyelids:  Rose Mirage (in creases)
Lips & Cheeks & Blush (S/P, Arms & Legs: Cheek Blush
Creases between Lips - Rose Mirage
Fingernails/Toenails: Rose Mirage & White Velvet Matte
For Armature:
4 feet of 1/4 Bead Armature w/1-Y & 1-T
(Copy of Body Pattern supplied only with Doll Purchase)