by Kelly RuBert
Doll Artworks


Lady Series
 21" Talula Shoulderhead
20" S-16 Arms
20" S-16 Straight Legs
Soft Fire    $30.00
Bisque         65.00
23" Talula
w/ 23" high heel legs
Soft Fire    $35.00
Bisque         70.00
Interchangeable Parts:
20" S-16 Bent Legs
23" Dianna Lady Legs w/High Heels

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Eye Size:  10mm
Wig Size:  10-11
Shay Wig Carrot
Customer Spotlight Page
By Special Doll Artist and Friend:
"Linda Watrous"

 With Great pride, I am honored to spotlight
Linda Watrous's:
Thanks to Her Husband Lyle for allowing us to
Spotlight some of Linda's interpertations of her dolls.


Kelly RuBert:  Where to Apply Colors:
China Paints & Media by Virginia LaVorgna
1) Antiquing, Inside Mouth:   Rose Mirage
2) Eyebrows:  Deep Auburn, Barely Brown
3) Eyelashes:                   Black Velvet Matte
4) Eyelids:
Very Dark Brown, & Lavender Shaddow
5) Lips. &   Cheeks,  Blush:           China Doll
6) Lip Accent,  Cheek Accent:     Persimmon
7)  Fingernails/Toenails:
Rose Mirage & White Velvet Matt

DA 1319 Body Pattern Available only w/complete doll parts purchase.
Available in Porcelain SFGW (Soft Fired Greenware),
Bisque Blank (Unpainted Bisque), or
China Painted Porcelain Bisque (Painted Bisque)

Dress Pattern DA 1322
Talula lShoulder Head
20" S-16 Arms
20" S-16 Legs