by Dianna Effner
Ultimate Collection - Seeley's Mold

Available in 2 Sizes:
Child/Young Girl Series

Willow Head
Willow S/P
Willow Arms
 * Straight Standing Legs

For 27" Size
Willow Head (Large)
Willow S/P
Willow Arms
Straight Standing Legs

Soft Fired    $38.00
 Bisque           80.00

For 22" Size: 
Willow Head (Med)
Shoulderplate US571
Arms UA571
*Using Hilary UL571 Lower Legs

Soft Fired    $33.00
 Bisque           75.00


Also Available Inquire:
Willow w/ All Porcelain Body
For 24" Size
(2502 T A/P Body)
Soft Fired  $50.00
 Bisque       $100.00
Interchangeable Parts:
For:22" size can use DAW Straight Legs
For 27" siize can use DAW 27" or 28" Straiight Legs

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27" Willow
Eye Size:      20mm        
Wig Size:   14/15 inches

22" Willow
      Eye Size:        18 mm              
Wig Size:       13/14 inches
Willow's beautiful school girl face is a picture of innocence and sweetness,
she is timid and shy, buy ready for a new adventure at school.. .
This Porcelain Doll is:
Available in Porcelain SFGW (Soft Fired Greenware),
Bisque Blank (Unpainted Bisque), or
China Painted Porcelain Bisque (Painted Bisque)


 UC570 Willow (large) 27" Head Mold    $112.00
US570 Shoulder Plate Mold.  $27.50
UA570 Lower Arm Mold.  $38.50
UL556 (Hilary) Lower Leg Mold.  $55
27" (68cm), Eyes: 20mm Head circ.: 14" (36cm)
UC571 Willow (medium) Head Mold  $96   22"
571 Shoulder Plate Mold.   $27.50
UA571 Lower Arm Mold. $33.00
Legs 22" substutited DAW
MB190S Modern Compo. Body.
MODBOD20 Modern Body.
MA9001 Arm Mold for ModBod20.
ML9001 Leg Mold for ModBod20.
MODBOD20LL Modern Body with Lower Legs.MA9001 Arm Mold for ModBod20LL

Medium Willow:Doll size: 22" (55.8cm), Head circ.: 14" (35.5cm), Eyes: 18mmUC571 Willow 22' Head Mold. US571 Shoulder Plate Mold. UA571 Lower Arm Mold. UL571 Lower Leg Mold. P769 Body/Costume Pattern.P712 Body Pattern.Optional:MB160S Modern Compo. Body.

Small Willow:Doll size: 14" (35.5cm), Head circ.: 7.5" (19cm), Eyes: 10mmUC572 Small Willow Head mold.UA545 Arm Mold. UL545 Leg Mold. UT545 Torso Mold. P709 Body Pattern.P770 Body & Costume Pattern
Optional: MB925S Modern Compo. Body.