11 1/2 Lil' Women
18" Genealogy Series
Fashion Lady Doll
By Vicki Hamilton
Vicki's Original Molds

11 1/2 Lil' Women

11 1/2"
All Porcelain Fashion Doll
Head w/Upper Torso
Legs w/Heels
Available Heads:
Elizabeth     V294
Marilyn       V295
Vivien          V288

18" Genealogy Series

Porcelain Fashion Doll
(Wider Wasted Dolls)
Head (Movable Head)
Body for MH - OS    V264
**  Arms  are 3/4 Arms **  V190 1& V19
Full Straight Arms (Flapper Doll)   V033
Legs Choice:  Heels   V212
or Barefoot    V308
or Sitting Down Legs   V211
Lady Full Legs   V006
Heads Available:
Ashley      V275
Elizabeth   V267
Lena          V313
Lillie          V268
Marilyn     V266
Midori       V281
Vivien        V265

Private James Wilson   V075
Man's Full Arms           V051
Bareflat Feet                V308

** The 3/4 Arms can be attached to the Off-the-Shoulder Fashion Doll Body
using either 2 sections of "pop armature beads" or electrical conduit.
Detailed Instructions provided with doll order.

Available in Porcelain SFGW (Soft Fired Greenware),
Bisque Blank (Unpainted Bisque), or
China Painted Porcelain Bisque (Painted Bisque)
all with or without a Kit

Revised: 8-2009

11 1/2 Lil' Women Molds
V-288 Lil' Vivian
V-294 Lil' Marilyn
V-295 Lil' Elizabeth
V-277 Arms 1 of 3
V-277 Torso 2 if 3
V-277 Legs 3 of 3
18" Genealogy Series Molds
V 190 3/4 Left Arm
V 191 3/4 Right Arm
V 212 Full Legs w/High Heels
V 264 Body w/ Well for M11 heads
V 265 M11 Vivian Head
V 266 M11 Marilyn Head
V 267 M11 Elizabeth Head
V 268 M11 Lillie Head
V 275 M11 Ashley Head
V 281 M11 Midori Head
V 308 Legs w/Barefeet
V 313 Lena M11 Head