Michael Rutger Hunter Wenckens
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~I do have unhappy moments ~
but I am so cute even then.
Make's everyone laugh.
Pictures at 8 and 9 month old
Now I am nearly 10 months old
Now I have 6 teeth
(White Little chiclets)
4 on top & 2 on Bottom

I forget I don't have to crawl.
I am now Walking ~Unless I am in a Hurry
then i drop to my hands and knees and crawl


Mom's & Grandma's Favorite Picture
"Mommy Quit taking pictures and pick me up"


I am so Mad..........


Hello ~Anyone there ------Gurrrrrr..............

Let me think about what's next...........


Look Mom ---"Tada"--- Standing Alone in Uncle Larry's big boots

Oh My Goodness ~I am  so proud of myself......


~Calm look ---before the Storm ~


Way up High ~ I SO love to Fly......


Should I read this or tear out the pages.....
Decisions     My OH MY,  My Oh MY

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