Testimonials, Comments & Feedback 
From Some of Our Customers. 
12/3/2014 email received from: Connie Marshall :
Hi Linda,
I just received my order! The bisque is the loveliest I have ever had, and the way the pieces were packed is exceptional!
Definitely worth the wait!!
Thank you so much!
Connie Marshall

12/3/2014 Connie, Dolls Your Way responds:
I would like to ask your permission to post your response on our web site's testimonial page: 
I only post with customers permission. 
Your kind words mean a lot to me and I so appreciate your feedback

12/3/14 Connie wrote:  
Hi Linda,
Of course! You totally have my permission to post my feedback.
I'm super excited about these dolls!
Best always, Connie

1/14/2014 email received from: Evan Humes:
Thank you so much Linda!!! 
I appreciate your hard work and I an so proud to say that it paid off because you made me witness my grandmother tbe the happiest I have seen her in my life. 
Thank you again very much 
She loved the surprise 
Sincerely, Evan 

1/14/2014  Evan, Dolls Your Way responds:
Evan, that is one of the nicest feedbacks I have ever received.   
Your grandmother is very lucky to have you as a grandson.  
I am so glad she and you were so pleased.  That means worlds to me.   
I would like to  ask you permission to post your email to my website page:

1-15-14 Evan wrote: Yes (Permission to post), I do not mind at all.

4/1/2013  email received from: Kathy Labrum writes:
Hi Linda,
Just got the dolls finished the day before my daughters birthday! 
When she saw them she went crazy she was so happy and excited that after 30 years I finished the doll I started 30 years ago to wear her blessing dress. 
She was so excited she raced home to get her little boys blessing outfit and changed the boy doll into that outfit. 
I told her she could leave them here a few days so she would have time to clean out her china closet for them, but she took them out of here, she was so excited!
I took a picture of them the night I finished them because I knew she would take them so quick!!!!
So funny, she was so happy! 
Just wanted to thank you for your hard work and time you put into them!!!  They turned out great!!!

My other daughters said they hope that I will be making more soon.............  but that was a lot of hard work getting them together!
Will have to finish the sugar britches and sunshine before I think about anything else. 
But then again, I may be calling you for more!
Thanks again, for making this possible to finish this doll after so many years WOW!!!!
Take care,
Kathy Labrum

4/1/2013 Kathy, Dolls Your Way responds:
I love how the dolls turned out also.   They both look absolutely darling. 
I am so glad I was able to come through for you. 
I appreciate your patience and understanding.
I love the story about your daughter's excitement. 
I felt like I was there watching. 
It is not often that I here such wonderful feedback. 

I will look forward to being there when you decide to tackle other projects for your other daughter. 
You are a real pleasure to work with. 
Again I can't begin to say thank you enough for your patience and understanding. 

I would like to ask your permission to post your email on my "Testimonial Page from Customer feedback." 
I never post without permission.  Your story is beautiful and very touching. 
I was just glad to have played a part in it helping you get your 30 yr old project finished. 

4-2-2013  email Response from Kathy:
Hi Linda,
I would be pleased to have you post the pictures of the dolls I finished. 
I am very proud of how they turned out and want a million people see them because of how happy my daughter was with getting them! 
Worth all the time and effort we both put into them! 
Thank you so much for the great work and service you did on getting these to me. 
So lucky to have found you!
Best regards,
Kathy Labrum

3/14/2013   email received from: Julie Posa writes:
Hi Linda,
The package arrived today and Precious was whole - no damages at all.    I have to tell you the face is absolutely beautiful, the original one that I did I was nervous about putting too much blush and I had glue on the eye - still looked good but nothing like this one.   You do beautiful work, thank you so much.
Have a wonderful night - Julie

3/14/2013  Dolls Your Way responds:
Thank you so very much for the feedback.   I am so glad you are pleased.   I was pleased, so I stopped painting.   I understood what you were saying.   You will never know just how much I wanted you to be happy with your replacement.  Thank you again for your patience. 

3/16/2013   email received from Julie writes:
I was looking at her again today and  just can't get over the job you did....  The eyes came out beautiful.   We were both very pleased when we saw her.
Thank you again.....   Have a wonderful weekend.  Julia

2/27/13  email received from:  Carolyn writes.
I have 3 dolls make and without your help they would have not turned out this good. 
Thank you so much. 
Would you like to see a picture of them?

2/27/13 Dolls Your Way's response:
I would be delighted to see pictures of... your finished dolls. 
Thank you so much for the compliment. 
You will never know how much I appreciate such kind feedback. 
I would like to ask you permission to post your feedback on my Testimonial page on my website. 
I always want you to let me know if you need my help and I will always try to assist you the best I can. 
Thanks again for the lovely feedback.

2-27-13 email received from: Carolyn writes.
Yes you may. 

2-27-13 Dolls Your Way's comments:
Spotlight link added to Huck's, Becky's, & Tom's individual page with link to Picture of Carolyn's 3 dolls.
Click here to see picture she sent me: Huck, Tom, & Becky by Doll Artist Carolyn Wentling link.
She did an excellent arrangement of the 3 dolls. 
I so appreciate wonderful customers like Carolyn. 

1/31/2013   email received from: Victoria writes:
Dearest Linda
Chivo arrived safely! I am sooo excited...doll classes start again after the Christmas holidays in Australia ...next week - so I will be tackling the armature! Thank you sincerely. I have the patterns for everything and am inspired to create a very special Capricorn doll.

1/31/13 Dolls Your Way's comments:
What a delightful email to open lst thing in the morning.  I had just checked and was figuring your Chivo should arrive sometime this week.   I am so happy you are pleased and I so appreciate your patience. 
I want to thank you for such nice feedback and would like to ask your permission to list it on our Testimonials, Comments & Feedback From Some of Our Customers

2/5/13 Victoria responded:
Dearest Linda...my pleasure! I am off to Dollies tonight for advanced classwork in porcelain doll creation!......can't wait!
Victoria Morgan

6/18/2012   email received from: Rebecca.Williams writes:
Hi Linda,
My neighbor brought the boxes in for me and all was received great!  It took me two hours to unwrap everything so I can’t imagine how long it took you to wrap everything up.  In the end everything was perfect.  Not a single finger or toe was broken and I didn’t see a single blemish or pin hole on any piece.  You did an absolutely beautiful job pouring!  I couldn’t ask for anything better.
Thank you so much for the extra dolls.  I can assure you they will be put to good use.  I’m just looking forward to getting started on some of them.
I’ve attached the pictures of the finished dolls I ordered from you several years ago.  Hopefully you will be pleased with the finished results.  Feel free to use the pictures however you choose.
Thanks so much for the quality greenware and accommodating such a large order.  It was worth the wait.
Rebecca Williams

Dolls Your Way comments:
Rebecca,  (email: my response back to Rebecca)
How very nice of you to email me such wonderful feedback. 
Also thanks for acknowledging that customer satisfactions is the best insurance for repeat business for customers. 
That has been and will always be my number one priority. 
You were very patient and understanding about the time it took to get your order. 
You are also correct it does take longer to package order for safe shipment. 
Sorry it took 2 hrs to unpack. 
Glad you could use the extra's I sent. 
I truly appreciated your understanding. 

Also thanks for sharing your doll pictures. 

I love the pictures you sent of the dolls on the download and I appreciate you giving me permissions to share spotlight pictures of your dolls.  You did an excellent job on all of them.

10-20-12  I just got the pictures and pages uploaded to website along with her comments.  I appreciate such very nice feed back along with customer's pictures of their finished dolls.   I have kept her email new since June so I wouldn't forget to post everything. 

Beth received a slightly damaged box on one corner. 
I ask her to check the contents (doll parts in SFGW) as soon as possible and let me know if any problems.

She responded with an email very quickly:
"Looks Perfect"
I have only unwrapped them, but everything looks good.  Thanks again 
Linda.  I really appreciate your efforts.  Beth
I emailed her back:
Great Beth,  Thanks for checking it out so quickly.

Beth sent another email:
Not only that it is already cleaned and ready to fire tomorrow am.  You do such a nice job of pouring and pre cleaning, it is a joy to receive.  Beth
I emailed Beth back and ask permission to post her comments on this comment page.

Beth responded:
Oh course, you can use anything you would like to post.  Beth

Dolls Your Way comments:
Beth is one of the nicest ladies that I have the privilege to pour dolls for.   She has become more than a customer but a real dear friend.  Even though miles apart - "The Love of Dolls" can bring us all together.

Subject: Doll Arrived
The doll parts arrived in great condition. 
Elizabeth says, Thank you. lol 
I say thankyou too. 
They're great and she is all fixed ready to get dressed.
Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. 
I'm sure I'll be talking to again about other parts. 
Thanks again, 

Dolls Your Way comments: 
Barbara is also an new customer who was such a delight to work with.
She knew exactly what she need and I was able to help. 

I just got my pkg.  Everything is perfect.  I can hardly wait to get started putting things together. 
Thanks so much for all your help. 
I'm sure I'll be in touch in the future.
Carol of Nevada

Dolls Your Way comments:
Carol is a new customer who we were able to help with the parts she needed.  She was so patient, helpful, and a real delight to try to help her get the arms & legs she needed to complete her doll projects.  Lucky I had the molds to the parts she needed.  A really nice lady and communicator as to her doll needs. 

I ask Carol if it was ok to post her feedback and comments:
Carol's Response 11-19-11 :
Please feel free to post my comments, Linda.
Happy to do business with you.
Best wishes for Thanksgiving!!  Carol in Washington

Linda,  everything looks great.  It took me 15 minutes to get the two boxes out of the big box.  You did quite a packing job - obviously, you've done this a lot.  All the pieces came through without a problem, and it looks like you did an absolutely great cleaning job.  I'll start polishing tomorrow. 
Thank you so much.
Fran of Oregon

Dolls Your Way comments:
Fran & Sandra are new customers and were a real pleasure to work with. 
It is so nice to receive such comments and feedback on bisque orders. 

I ask Fran if it was ok to post her feedback and comments:
Fran's Response 11-19-11 :
Yes, you have my permission to post my comments on your website page.  Thanks again for doing such a great job.  Makes me want to give up pouring and cleaning and just start ordering from you for my personal dolls.   Only problem with that is, my husband would probably divorce me because the only thing that slows me down is pouring and cleaning.  Dolls are taking over the whole house.   I hope you stay in business for a long, long time - and I hope you enjoy getting the dolls to the paint stage. 
Thanks again. 
Fran of Oregon

11-8-11 (Received a Thank You Card) 
Card Read as follows:
Dolls Your Way,
Thank you, the doll I received (Tatiana) is beautiful.  The quality is excellent.
I haven't had a chance to start on her as of yet, need to finish other projects. 
Once again Thank You  for going the extra mile!                      ....so very much.
                   God bless and protect you and all that concerns you and yours.
                     Donna Tunstall in Kentucky,

Dolls Your Way comments:
Donna is a new customer who was a delight to work with.   She is extremely nice and her card she sent was such a delightful feedback I didn't anticipate.   Customers like her is the reason I get such delight in working with doll makers.

I ask Donna if it was ok to post her feedback and what she wrote on her card. 
Donna's response  11-10-11:
Linda,       I would be pleased for you to post the thank you note on your  website testimonials. I have had the opportunity to show my family and friends your beautiful dolls. 
Jesus Loves You

Subject: Peggy Sue (Replacement Painted Bisque Head w/her supplies transfered)
Date: 9/15/2011 
I received Peggy Sue’s head yesterday she is beautiful you did a fabulous job.  Thanks so much for your time and effort to put my doll back to the original as there is a lot of sentiment behind her.
Thanks again,

Dolls Your Way comments:
I was very pleased with how the new Peggy Sue turned out.   I did learn that her head fits on the 24" Bailey Shoulderplate.   I painted the doll as close to the broken head as I possibly could.   So glad you are pleased.   Thanks for trusting me with such a sentimental keepsake. 

Thank you so much for the feedback.   I would like permission to post your feedback on my website page

Subject: Greenware order 
Date: 7/26/2011 
     Just wanted to let you know that  the greenware arrived last week as expected. The box was bashed up pretty good, so I was a little bit (or a lot bit!) afraid that there would be some breakage. Due to your wonderful packing, everything was in great shape. It's cooling down in the kiln right now, so I'll know tomorrow if I still remember how to prop or not.  It's a good thing I don't love cleaning greenware, because pretty much all I had to do was check the eyes, brush the pieces and put them in the kiln! Thanks so much for another batch of great greenware! I'll be in touch when I need some more. Talk to you then.........Chris

Dolls Your Way comments:
So glad all the SFGW made it through the abusive trip.   I do try to pack it for a safe trip but I am amazed when box is abused that it makes it.   SFGW from the special page that is BCSFGW does clean up to fire quicker.   So glad you noticed and commented.  I so appreciate the feedback.  I so appreciate customer's like yourself and the ladies in your classes. 

Chris I would like to ask you for permission to post your comments... 

Sure Linda...if you think the comments are post-worthy, be my guest! I meant every word of it! 
In case you were wondering, I must still remember how to use sheet prop and sand because everything came out great! 
Thanks again and I'll ttys (talk to you soon)........Chris

Subject: Cinnamon
Date: 6/30/2011 
My doll has arrived and I want to thank you so much for following through on everything, I appreciate it so much.  I have unwrapped the doll parts and she is absolutely beautiful.  Thank you for your care and expertise. 

Again, thank you for everything and I hope you have a wonderful evening.
Yes, you can use my comments on your website. 
Thank you 

Dolls Your Way comments:
I appreciate Donna's email  feedback.  She is a repeat customer who is a real pleasure to pour her doll orders.

Subject: Dolls got to Nebraska OK 
Date: 2/22/2011 
Received the package today and they are wonderful. 
I have painted a lot of dolls and these were poured so nice and look so good. 
Can not wait to get them painted and put together. 
Thank you so much. 
Carolyn Wentling

Dolls Your Way comments:
Carolyn is also a new customer to Dolls Your Way, but not new to doll making. 
She completed her order form and sent with her check. 
She provided every custom thing she wanted on her order. 
It was a real pleasure to process her order. 

I want to thank you for such beautiful pieces. 
To be honest I’ve only looked at the heads but they are amazing, 
I will be doing the other pieces over the weekend.
Thank you
Brenda P.

Dolls Your Way comments:
Brenda is a new customer and I appreciate her feedback.

Hi Linda
I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to call and spend all that time walking me through the things you did.
The first thing I did was to take all my porcelain pieces to the sink, get my scrubbing pad and comet and proceed to scrub the heck out of all the pieces that had that rough patch problem.
I have to say  you are a genius.  ALL THE DOLLS ended up smoothing out.  I will be able to use the  doll that I sent you the photo of (the one that looks white)  She came out perfect and all the rough spots are gone.  Likewise on the 11 inch dolls and the 5" doll house size dolls.
So I believe that like you said it could be build up in the mold and/or the way I am wet cleaning.

I am going to spend time today, using the alcohol and Q-tip to clean the molds.  Since that is the next step
then I am going to wait a few days and re-pour one of the molds that I was having a problem with and not do
what I was doing with the wet clean to see if it comes out of the kiln differently.  My bet is that it will.
Also no more mold release or spritzing.

I will check out the calibration on my kiln and check with Cress.
Again I thank you Linda.  You have made my day and I am already feeling so much better.
Talk to you soon
Diane Taylor

Dolls Your Way's Comments:
I am so glad you feel much better.  Music to my ears.  Thanks for such a heart warming reply to our conversation. 
I am so glad my suggestions is starting your New Year out better. 
(Diane was experiencing a white crusty area when bisque firing on top of nose and bust area.  She sent pictures and described in detail what steps she did in pouring to bisque firing.   I can't describe how great a feeling to help someone who is so flustered as what to try next.   Her email above was absolutely one of the nices responses I have ever received.)

I received the bisque doll "Ryan" that was ordered last month. 
He is beautiful and I will enjoy painting and putting him together.
Thanks so much!!!!!   Ura

Dolls Your Way's Comments:
Thank you so very much for such nice feedback.  You will never know how nice it was to open your email.  I really needed those very kind words.

Received 4 dolls in SFGW about a month ago. Nina, Mimi, Bambi and Crystal. Thank you for the wonderful service you provide to the doll crafting community. I appreciated receiving a second pair of hands for Nina so I could decide which size looks better on her. Have everything fired to bisque and it looks really good.
Karen Naumann

Dolls Your Way's Comments:
I really appreciate customer feedback.  I strive for customer satisfaction

Hi Linda
I just wanted to let you know that I recieved the Peggy Sue greenware and I have NEVER bought such BEAUTIFUL greenware!!  It arrived in perfect condition, so well wrapped and cleaned.  It took only a fraction of the time it usually takes to get it ready to fire.  Thank you so much Linda and I'll certainly order from you in the future. 
The only way I wouldn't is if you didn't have the mold I am looking for. 
I am also going to make my doll buddies aware  of the wonderful , fast service I recieved.
thanks again

Dolls Your Way's Comments:
Your comments mean very much.   Repeat customers are the heart of any business.

To Whom it May Concern:
I have been purchasing greenware from Dolls Your Way for a little while now. I have received approximately three dolls for myself and also have received dolls for my students. I have been making dolls for over 20 years and love it dearly.
I have purchased greenware from other places, websites, doll shows ,etc and I have never had any soft fired greenware as good as I have gotten from Linda. Her greenware is very clean without pinholes and specks. Her packaging is very professional. I have never received a piece that was damaged.
I recommend Linda's greenware to anyone without any hesitation. She is very professional in her business and VERY prompt with her deliveries.

Sandy Draper
Simply Sondra d's

Dolls Your Way's comments:
Emails like this mean so much.   Thank you for your feedback and for allowing your student's to work on dolls you ordered for them.  Sandy teaches classes in the Magalia, California area.  Great teaches are hard to find.
Thanks so much.  Linda

Dolls Your Way,
I am writing to let you know how happy I am with your SFGW. The greenware I purchased from you is by far the most beautifully poured and professionally packed greenware I have purchased in 16 years of doll making.
I was impressed with so many things. First of all the speed of which I received my order, I ordered 4 dolls and expected a delay with having ordered so many at once, but in a few days my order was on its way. Secondly the packaging was incredible, no need to worry about damaged pieces. 
Cleaning was a breeze, seam lines were basically non-existent! Not one little air hole or pop. It all fired beautifully. You will definitely be hearing from me in the near future with more orders.

Thank you for such a high quality product,
Audrey Marich

Dolls Your Way's comments:
Thanks for taking the time to let me know you were pleased and for allowing me to post to our page.  So very glad to have you as a new customer.   Look forward to your dolly needs in the future.  Thanks so much.  Linda

Dear Linda,
The Olivia head arrived safely today and I just wanted to thank you again.  She was beautifullly painted and blushed just as I had requested.  I was so afraid of trying to locate a replacement head for my niece because I have seen so many really awful painting jobs.  I am just so very pleased with her that I am keeping your information just in case I ever decide I want to get back into making a special dolly for a special little girl. 

Thanks again and I'd recommend you to anyone who asked.  Karen P.

Karen, Thank you so very much for taking the time to let me know that you were pleased. 
            Your feedback means so very much. 

The greenware arrived today and it looks absolutely beautiful.  There were no broken pieces.  I am sure you expected there wouldn't be any as it was packed better than any doll I have ever received.
I am now excited to start working on this doll.  She will make a beautiful bride doll, if I can do my part as well as you have done yours.

I ordered a pattern for the bride's dress from Betty Burchfield and thought you might like to hear that she had the highest praises for the greenware you pour and send out.  It is always nice to hear that other people appreciate your good work, even though it seldom gets back to you.

Thank you again for all of your advice.  You have alleviated alot of my anxiety over making this doll.  It is always such a pleasure to meet another of the many wonderful people involved in this artform.
Thank you again and I look forward to working with you again.Pat Burrows

I ask Pat if OK to post her comments - She wrote back:

It is absolutely okay.  Please post them.  I am always nervous about ordering things over the internet and positvie feedback from past customers is very reassuring.  The greenware is fantastic. Pat

I received your shipment yesterday afternoon and opened them this morning. 
Everything looks great.
I didn't unwrap everything but I did look at a few pieces just to look and I am so impressed. 
I have been doing dolls for around twenty years and have ordered greenware (SFGW) from a lot of places but yours is the best I have ever received. 
You can tell you take care of your molds, your pouring, your cleaning, and especially your shipping. 
I guess I sound a little silly for being so excited but I have had so many problems and sometimes such poor quality over the years I am excited.
I guess I had better get to work. 
Christmas will be here before we know it.  Nancy
Thank you so much, Nancy 
WELL DONE....the molds arrived in great shape and as I expected...you do a super job of packing. 
I am so blessed to have these molds and it almost completes my wish list....but like you, is one ever done collecting the wonderful doll molds. 
I now have most of the Spanos and Rolfe doll molds and many of the DAW molds, so I am smiling today. Janet

Thanks so much, Janet

Linda:  I can't say enough nice things about how helpful you've been, and how you have always gone way out of your way for the satisfaction of your customers so I would be honored to be quoted in a testimonial. 
Jan Sutton and thanks again...........:-)
Hi Linda:  Well, you've saved me again with the link to the "Body" page. 
Looks like I can get hair there too for my customer. 
I seem to know all the "right people" to get things done these days. 
Sure thank you for all the help, wish I could repay the favor somehow. 
I don't know anyone who makes dolls to refer to you but I'll try to send any business I can your way. 
Thanks again and let's keep in touch.......Always grateful, Jan Sutton...
You are "one of a kind". 
I am so impressed at how hard you are working to help us solve our problem. 
Thank you again and again!   Barbara
DYW Comments: 
Thank goodness for great dollmaker  friends like Dick from www.Dollstomake.com  The "Comp King". 
I needed help with this one. 
Teamwork is great. 
This customer  is very special.
For any of you who might want sfgw from Linda Floyd of Dolls Your Way....order now! She does the most FANTASTIC job of pouring and there is hardly any cleaning left to be done! AND...she wraps like you have never seen before! I have NEVER received a broken piece from Linda...and it is a long way between Texas and the northern part of Washington state! Any of you who order from her will NEVER be disappointed! AND that Groovy Groove Tool she sells works great with flanged necks...but it works even greater with the grooves around the arms and legs! Just a GROOVY thing to have! AND they are made out of OAK so that they will not split when wet and the screws are special so they will not rust. Once you get one you will not understand what took you so long! THANKS, MONTE!!! This is just the best!

DYW Comments: 
This was Posted on the one of the doll board by my special customer Carol Crowley. 
She is so passionate with her knowledge of dollmaking and I really appreciate such a wonderful cheering squad.   The Groove Tool is being renamed because of Carol's suggestion as the "Groovy Groove Tool"

I got today!!!!Oh MY GOSH!!!!WOWOWOWOWOWO!!!!Its is absolutely stunning....I cant believe my eyes it is exactly as I pictured a Mother Goose would look...I took her head out of the box and she spoke to me...Hello I'M Mother Goose"What nursery rhymn would you like to hear today??  ( Either this is some REALLLL Good MEds. or call the looney bin I coming). Thank you so much. I have wanted to do this doll for so long but could never find just the right look, until now....(wait gotta wipe a tear). Leave it to you to know,,I thank God I found you..you will keep a order for me now always so I'll have something to look forward to. DOnt fret I still wet my pants everytime I look at Tatiana, but this is twp very different dolls.. I can pnly imagine what your Asian dolls look like...But you can bet the farm I'll find out..Again Thanks soooo MUchhhh!!! I hope your trip goes as good as my surprise today was if that the case you be able to" jump over the moon".. just dont run away with the spoon...I need you hear...PLease tell me all about it when you get back....HUgs and more Hugs...Tina......YOUR THE BEST!!!!! 

DYW Comments: 
Words can't describe how wonderful it is to have a customer like Tina. 
I am glad she found me too. 

Linda, I truly enjoy dollmaking.  And thank you for continuing to be there when we want more dolls....You have no idea how great it is having a doll maker who works as hard as you do to get us our parts. 
Thank you....Talk soon  Judy B.
Howdy there I am still enjoying my doll. And I hope you got my message I left.. I was absolutely dazzled by your work, It absolutely took my breath away...As Julie Roberts said in"Pretty Woman" I almost peed my pants"  Tina
This is a word of praise and sincere gratitude for all of the hard work that you put into supplying the doll parts for the class. 
You have spolied me!!!! Jacqueline K.

DYW Comment: 
This lady is amazing with the ideas she comes up with.  She keeps me challenged - I learn so much from my customers. 

Thank you so much for my order...As always,the greenware was flawless...Don't know what we would do without you...I will be sending my next request soon...    Many,Many thanks,  Mary
I really appreciate everyone's comments.