Body Assembly Instructions for
All-Porcelain Lil ' Tots
Abby, Becka, Charlie,
Andra, Cassandra,& Brandy
Body Assembly

1.  Insert a small piece of 1/8" doweling into dolls head and  
     wedge between ears. 
2.  Set small "s" hooks in the arms and legs.   Allow to dry well. 
3.  Using 1/8" elastic, tie a know around the dowel in dolls head.  
     Feed both ends of elastic down through the neck and torso. 
      Pull one end out of leg opening in torso, feed through the "s" 
      hook and tie off for a snug fit. 
4.  Cut a piece of elastic for the arms.  
     Feed the elastic through the "s" hook in one arm and pull  
          elastic to half way point.  
     Feed both ends of elastic through the torso to other side.  
     Again, feed one end of elastic through the "s" hook and  
          then tie off for a snug fit. 
5.  Your doll is now ready to dress.

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