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Email's from Customer having POURING PROBLEMS: 

Do you get tiny little holes in your greenware?   Is it from bubbles in the slip?

You asked about tiny holes in greenware.   It most likely was caused while preparing the slip for casting.  If slip is whipped to mix it thoroughly, and not allowed to let the air bubbles settle out, then air bubbles will appear in the greenware.  Slip has a tendency to thicken (gel) in the jugs and must be conditioned.  Then a  period of time must elapse before the slip can be poured. 
Possible solutions to remove air bubbles from slip that has been beaten for mixing are:
    1.  Strain the slip several time from one container to another then let it sit with a wet cloth 
               (cheese cloth or diaper) over the top of the container.  Air bubbles will rise. 
    2.  Strain several times and let set for several hours before attempting to cast greenware. 
    3.  Always check greenware after removing from mold and repair the greenware
                immediately.   (This is a must and a very important stage)

I still can't get the pouring not to sometimes get lines.   Is that from pouring too slow or  stopping?

Regarding Lines in greenware.  The answer is yes - Never Stop or pour too slowly.  Your lines are possible hesitation lines.  Never slow down on your pouring once you start.  Always have enough slip to pour the entire piece - Never Stop.  If you continue to still see hesitation lines on your greenware then check on the inside of your mold to make sure those lines aren't in the detail on the plaster mold. 

Email from Customer having problems firing:

How do you know which colors fire cone 5 and can you mix them in a fire? I  guess I have to fire a 6 and hope it just doesn't cook too long since I dot have cone 5's.  I do have them as witness but not as sitters.  So is it ok to fire them with the cone 6?  I have done it before not knowing any  better, I even had them together with the lighter colors and seemed to  have no problem but wondered why the firing time was 4-4 and half hrs instead of 6-6 and half hrs.

1.  Read on your gallon the recommended firing time.  Some Seeley need to fire to cone 7.  I fire mostly to cone 6.  Every firing I put a 5/6/7 witness cone in to check firing for accuracy. 
2.  Again check the gallon to see what the manufacturer of the slip recommends.  In Bell Indian Flesh & Regal Brown  -  fire to cone 5.  If you fire it hotter  you risk tiny raised blisters, excessive warping, or a sheen on you bisque.  It really can't take the extra heat.   Right this does not happen everytime because various factors affect the temperature and the way the piece matures too even in the same kiln.  You could be on the low end of cone 6 which could be closer to a 5 cone.
3.  The reason I am impressed with the Regal Slip by Crest is because their firing instructions say:
No propping will be needed unless it is an extreme shape.  If necessary, the ware can be bedded in silica flour, silica sand, or propped with porcelain prop.

We recommend firing Regal Slip to cone 6 except African, Mullatto, and Modern which can be fired to cone 5 to prevent a sheen.  Regal will china paint beautifully at a cone 5 with no "MILDEW".

Use a cone 6 in kiln setter and until you are familiar with the way your kiln fires, use witness cones in each firing.   You will find that most kilns fire true to cone on the shelf that is level with the setter, a cone COOLER below the setter and as much as a cone HIGHER above this level.  Fire with all switches on low & lid propped for one hour.  Turn all switches on medium for one hour.  Then turn kiln to high, close lid and fire to maturity.

As you can see the Regal Slip has a wider range for firing and thus maturity occurs at 5 and less chance of mildew.  I recommend that if you must mix colors of slip in a firing, you place you darker pieces on the bottom of the kiln with a 6 cone in the kiln setter.  The color of the slip will not make you kiln fire longer only the cone in the kiln setter, warm up time, cold outside kiln air, but not something you are firing unless you have a whole lot of pieces in the kiln.  Smaller packed kiln take less time the fully packed kilns - placing pieces too close together risk air  circulation problems and possible firing problems.  Always allow enough space around each piece.   An average load is desired.

Q-1.   RE:  Pouring and Firing a large Flange Neck Head  and what about stuffing prop in openings? 

Customer:   I fired my cuddles that I poured with the dent and it sunk in at the middle of the head was I supposed to fire it standing on it's neck? It's so huge I put it on it's back of the head and put the stuffing in the  neck opening and it still made it oval shaped., and the leg opening too. What a disaster, I'm glad I'm using your cuddles for my lady, but  how can I fire it without collapsing? I can't have her disappointed in  another doll.   I hope you can help me with that problem.  Yes you can put my questions n your help  page, just don't put my name.  I'll be embarrassed that I had to ask so many questions. 
 A-1.  Click Here to go to Answer Page

I read in my instructions to soft fire 019 is that why it was too soft?  Why do they tell you to in the instruction book if its too soft?  They also say to fire soft fire greenware to  bisque skipping low and going right to medium with the door open for 10  minutes to dry it and then close it and fire 4-6 hours then put peep in  and fire on high until it drops ( the kiln sitter)  Is that right? I always start on low for an hour then medium 2 hrs then  high with peep in until it drops, is that right? sometimes it takes 4  and half hrs sometimes up to 6 and a half. why? Does it take less time to fire darker slip? 
A-4.  Click Here to go to Answer Page
Q-5.  Do you know of  a formula for enlarging or reducing doll body or clothes pattern? 

        Click Here for Chart & Instruction that has a formular to Reduce or Enlarge a Pattern 

Print a copy for future reference
Q-6.   I received this email and feel it is worth listing a printable  link on this page. 

This is some of the best advise I have ever received via email and
several of my personal pet peeves are addressed.
Please take a minute to read and maybe we can help change the way virus's are spread, emails are forwarded and the best yet is that we could help stop spammers!!!
Thank you Karen:

Q-7.  What is the mixture ratio of china paints to make Virginia LaVorgna's  "RuBert Red": 
       Mix together:  40% Rosy Cheeks, 40% lst Kiss, & 20% China Doll (as noted on DAW flyer)
Q-8.  What is one of many huge differences between modern and antique dolls and the terminology?
                          As explained by Doll maker & expert, judge, artist, 
Q-9.  How do you measure? 
       Click Here:  How to measure: Heads for Wig sizes, Eye size, Shoes sizes, & Doll Stands sizes.
Q-10.  Why are things always in the last place I look?????????? 
         (I was having a pitty party and needed some sympathy from my Dolly - Friend Karen Welch 
                     sent me the question.
         My response:  After laughing was: I don't know but that seems to always be the case.
                         Maybe after we find it you don't need to look any more. LOL
Q-11.  Tip from Doll Artist Karen Welch.(2 recommendations she had for uses with China Painting.)

          1).  Karen found that Craft Stores i.e.: Hobby Lobby carry a Micro (tiny) cute tip that is 
          great for correcting mistakes with China painted eyebrow hair mistakes  It cost 
          about $4.49 for a package but remember to use the 40% off coupon on the regular 
          price item.

          2).  Karen also bought and used the Lowell Cornell "Style Six" package of pointed 
          soft rubber tips (4 sizes in package listed at $7.99)  She uses these tips to soften
          and smooth the nail bed and when eyelashes have a problem and need to be removed.)

Q.-12  Porcelain Slip Comparison Chart for Bell Slip - that is comparable to New York Doll Products Slip  (Seeley) and Regal Slip Colors was(Crest Molds)  
                      Not exact but close comparison    Note we do not carry any Seeley Slip products or Tints.    

                                                           Porcelain Comparison Chart            
                              Bell                                              NYDP - Seeley's                             Regal
              *  White / * Fashion White                                      Lady White                                       * Antique White
              *  Blue White / *  Azure White                                Pure White                                        * Snow White
                  Essex                                                                  Bone White
                  Flesh                                                                   Dresden                                              Sheer Flesh
              *  Ivory / * French Glow                                         French Bisque                                     Fleshtone
              *  Misty Cream /* Champagne                                California Sunrise                             * Modern Flesh
              *  Tender Beige                                                       Golden Tan                                     * Creamy Tan
              *  French Antique / French Rose                             Naturelle                                             Regal Flesh
                  French Blush / * English Rose                              American Bisque / NATURELLE
                  Doll Flesh                                                            Pale Rose                                         * Rose
                  Oriental Flesh – Desert Tan                                  Aztec Tan                                        * Oriental Flesh
                  Indian Flesh - Native Bronze                                Mohican                                          *  Bronze Flesh
                  Regal Brown / * Cinnamon                                  French Chocolate                             * Africian Flesh
                  Brown Flesh                                                        Brown Velvet
              *  Black Slip                                                            Ebony                                              * Black Slip
              *  Mocha                                                                                                                         * Mulatto-Soft Brown
                                                                                                                                                      * Oranmental White - purest  white shiny
              * Asian Flesh  ( discontinued slip color)
              * Dark Pink ( discontinued slip color)
* Indicates Slip color available 6/2014   If  (*) is not present by color we do not pour in that color slip.                                                                 added 6/2104
Q - 13     What are some of the Description for Bell Slip that you have avaliable.
1. French Glow WA5002 is the perfect choice for pure color - no base tones for paler dolls or for all over washed dolls. 
French Glow is also a near perfect match to Seeley's French Bisque. 
French Glow  Cool, creamy ivory complexion. 
Cool, creamy ivory  complexion;
A must for lady, modern, and some antique reproduction dolls;
Add colored  washes for more dramatic effects.
Good base color for animals

 1a,  Ivory  PC1015
Wonderful warm creamy beige; Excellent for antique  reproduction or modern ladies and children of all age  groups; Use light colored washes for dramatic results

2.  French Antique  PC1006 Bell's most popular color  flesh colored porcelain. 
Provides a healthy soft pink color for babies, modern dolls and some antique reproductions. 
French Antique is more pink based

3. Misty Cream PC1024  or Champagne - perfect for many of Dianna Effner's dolls - especially the babies. 
Also perfect for Asian or Oriental dolls where a lighter skin tone is preferred. 
Misty Cream is a darker beige skin tone, while Champagne is softer, more neutral with beige undertones.
A light, soft golden beige skin tone - perfect for babies, light colored oriental, or natural  complexion for your modern dolls where a warm skin tone is desired.

3a.  Champagne WA5003
The lightest golden honey tone; Use with golden browns and warm reds for a radiant complexion on all  your modern dolls. Also a good base color for animals (i.e. bears)..

4. Mocha is the color of choice for the slightly brown suntan base. 
Perfect for hispanic, light colored AA/Cau bi-racial, Indians, or whenever a very light brown flesh is desired. 
Mocha is the color of choice for hispanic, AA/Cau bi-racial, Indians, or whenever a light brown flesh is desired.
Fire Cone 6

5. Tender Beige is perfect for the lighter suntan or just a healthy glow skin tone
Tender Beige Provides a healthy golden tone-beige color for babies, modern dolls and some antique reproductions
Fire Cone 6

6. WA5004  Native Bronze is a softer red brown - perfect for many Native Americans without the harsh red of Indian Flesh. 
Native Bronze  
Deep California  suntan; Use with a variety of colored washes for deeper skin tone on ethnic dolls, or use alone  for a healthy Native American coloring.
A softer sun-kissed red-brown than Indian Flesh for Native Americans. 
Vary the skin tone with the use of brown washes.
This color is also good for animals.
Fire Cone 5          We pour in Regal's Bronze - a comparable color for Indians.  

7.  WA5005   Cinnamon is slightly darker shade than Mocha.
Used for many lighter toned African American dolls.
Creamy milk  chocolate at its best;
Use alone for paler shades on ethnic dolls or with colored washes for more exotic skin  tones.
Fire Cone 6             We also have Regal's Africian Flesh   Fire Cone 5

8.  PC1001  White
Soft creamy white; Popular choice for figures, flowers, and  ornaments
Fire Cone 6     We also have Regal's Antique White also Fire Cone 6

9.  English Rose - We pour in a comparable color that my customers that pour in Seeley's Naturelle request.    That differes from Chart in # 11 above for comparagle colors.    Fire Cone 6

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               added 6/2014
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