Bubba Series
Soft fired Greenware or Bisque
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Chubba Bubba  ~  14" & 28" 
  Juan  ~ 14" & 28" 
Kenda   ~  22"
Rain Drop    ~ 14" &  28" 
Reese    ~  14" & 22" 
Sleepin Beebinz    ~  22" 
Tabitha   ~   28" 
Yumma Bubba  ~  28" 
Zochi  ~  14"
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M- Misc.    T- Older Child-Teen    TT- Terrible Two's
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 Dolls Your Way offers Hand Made Porcelain Dolls available as porcelain soft fired greenware,
porcelain bisque, or Porcelain Painted Bisque.
Pictured are lots of Modern newborn, infant, baby, toddlers, children, teen, lady, fairy, and misellaneous dolls.
Most of our Dolls are offered Your Way with optional interchangeable parts when available..
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Revised: 3-16-08