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General Information

Modern Dolls are Linked TWO Different Ways

I.  Alphabetical Order by Name A-Z with Thumbnail Picture for each

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  This is the link to their Individual Page
 II.  By Series or Category with Name as the Link to each dolls page 
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There you will find:
More Pictures of the Doll
Various Sizes of the Doll Available
Many of our Dolls come in more than one Size
Pricing Information for SFGW & Bisque
List of the Body Parts that come with Complete Doll
Optional Interchangeable Body Part Links Pages
(selection of links is customized for individual doll)
Ways of Purchasing Our Dolls

Soft Fired Greenware:  Price includes SFGW and body pattern.
All seams are left on the piece before soft firing.
(Fired to cone 018)
 Brush Cleaned Soft Fired Greenware:  (BCSFG) is available for
an extra $10.00 charge on any of our dolls.
    Each doll piece of wet greenware is brushed cleaned to remove all
seams, blemishes, or imperfections.  Next while still damp
eyes are sized and beveled (if cut out eyes are desired).
  Greenware is then soft fired to cone 018 before shipping.
Unpainted Bisque:  Price includes fired bisque and body pattern.
 Bisque parts are ready to paint after minimal sanding and polishing.
 (Porcelain fired to cone 6)
Painted Bisque Kit:  Price includes painted bisque and body pattern
with eyes, lashes, pate, and connectors in place.
Inquire for prices for this option by e-mail.
(Kit does not include armatures, wire, body, wig, or any clothing)

Shipping and Handling Charges are EXTRA
and not included in price of SFGW or Bisque

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Dolls Your Way has  Dolls available from the List of Doll Artist/Sculptors

Dianna Effner, Theresa LoBue, Philippe & C. Faraut, Ali Hansen, Vicki Hamilton, Vicki's Original
Design, Kelley RuBert, Laura Cobabe, Donna RuBert, Kelly Rubert, Donna Rubert, Cindy
Marschner Rolfe, Connie Wasler Derek, Scioto, Jones Mold, Expressions Molds, Lasting
Impressions, Doll Artworks, Doll Art Works, DAW, Bell Mold, Gwen Ross, Mystic Molds, Jan
Garnett, Seeleys Molds, Ron Booker,  IMSCO, Joyce Wolfe, Urusla Walters, Thelma Resch, Boots n
Friends, Boots Tyner, Jo Ann Pohlman, Elaines Originals, Elaine Campbell, Emmy Chen,
Prestige Mold, Carolyn Kandt-Lloyd, Fay Zah Spanos, Frances Lynne, Bella Bambino Mold,
Van Hellen Mold, Patricia Rose, Linda Lee Sutton, Charlotte Bates, Randy Eakin, Jan
Goodyear, Anthony Bulone, Barbie, Sharon Kelsy, Jennifer Esteban, Jane Zidjunas, Julie
Good Kruger, Ruth Royce, Rachael Jane Cold, Brenda J. Conner, Darlene Lane, Dawn
Adams, Lucille Garrard, Peggy Day, Paulette Aprile, Judith Clonch, Legacy Mold, Bil Mac
Molds, Mary Van Osdell, Van Shelton, Linda Mason, Parker-Levi Mold, Kiss Mold, Christina
McDonald, Honey Creek Mold, Heidi Plusczok, Hildegard Gunzet, Audrey Hamann, Traudl
Ostertag, Caroline Kandt-Lloyd, Beverly Hamilton-Blyth, Klowns-Kay, Thea Thorvaldson,
Cloud 9, Kley & Hahn, Theo Menzenbach, Rose Pinkful, Linda Scherer, Magge Head Kane,
Otto Lindemann, Vera Scholz, Bunny Morris Paul Jackson, Michele Severino, Joycelynn's, Rotraut
Schrott, Jennell Poindexter, Julie Knudsen, Childhood Fantacies, Char Caperson, Char Smith,
Betty Bailey,  Terri Dehetre. Christina McDonald. Lincoln Molds, Inge Tenbusch &
Hofheimer-Kinder, Charisse & Philippe Faraut, PCF Studios,  Aimee. Kay McKee
Vickie Anguish. Larry Wallace, Speciality Molds, Jean & Ken Nordquist. Ali Hansen,
Collectible Doll Company, Audrey Hamann, Kimple Mold. Gare Molds,
Shirley LaRose Favela, Cheri Chagall. Roelle Broeksma-Muller, Jennifer Esteban,
Marlena Nielsen, Linda Whimpee,  Anne Renee', Doll Artisan Guild,  Debbie Lenzner,
Thelma Dufton,  Annie Aegerter, Glenda Carey,
and many other Artist and or Mold Companies.

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