~Order Information~
 Our Policy Regarding
Shipping, Replacement, and Options

  January 2016

Ways to Purchasing Our "Complete" Dolls
" Part's only" orders is on a case by case basis 
and are always processed after "complete doll orders".

Soft Fired Greenware:
Price includes SFGW and body pattern (when applicable).
Seams are not removed before soft firing.
Pieces are carefully inspected and any "starter hole" cuts occur before 
they are Soft Firing to cone 018.
(NOTE: Dolls come with flesh slip and with out any cuts unless requested on orderform.)
Brush Cleaned Soft Fired Greenware:
(BCSFG) is available for
an extra $10.00 charge on any of our dolls.
Each doll piece of greenware is brushed cleaned to remove 
seams, blemishes, or imperfections. 
Next if requested, Eyes are sized and beveled 
(If applicable - some smaller eyes must be painted by customer).
  Greenware is then soft fired to cone 018 before shipping.
(Some proofing & fitting of doll parts & eyes are necessary 
by customer before they bisque fire the doll.)
Unpainted Bisque:
Price includes fired bisque and body pattern.
Bisque parts are ready to paint after minimal sanding
and polishing. (Porcelain fired to cone 6)
(Bisque Blank "Complete Doll" Orders Estimate Time:
4-6 weeks from date of payment)
Painted Bisque:
Price includes fired bisque and body pattern.
Bisque parts are China painted. 
(Bisque Fired Porcelain requiring Numerous china paint firing)
 (Painted Bisque "Complete Doll Orders" Estimate Time
6-8 weeks from date of payment)
*Note: We do not accept orders for Rare reproduction dolls that 
require special china Painting techniques 
to be true to antique authenticity.
We do not take orders for dolls that look exactly like the Artist Picture.
In other words - 
(We will china paint dolls, but do not take orders for exact duplication of particular doll)
Painted Bisque Kit:
Price includes painted bisque and body pattern.
Kit can includes eyes, lashes, pate, ties, and connectors.
Inquire for prices for this option by e-mail.
 (Kit does not include armatures, wire armature, sewn body, wig, or any clothing)
(Painted Bisque "Complete Doll Orders" Estimate Time:
7-9 weeks from date of payment)
Special Page - Dolls are already boxed and ready to send - No substitutions
Finished Dolls:  Dolls completely finished and dressed 
will be available in our Doll Gallery.
We do take email or telephone inquiries, but Doll orders are poured in 
"sequence of receipt of the payment" with a "completed order form".
Payments & Fees  for Complete dolls, doll parts, or repairs are due at the time order is placed. 
Acceptable forms of payment are listed below under "Payment Options".
Customer are Responsible for "All Shipping & Handling & Insurance Cost". 
Both the cost to Send doll/parts to Dolls Your Way  and the cost to Return the doll/parts to the Customer 
(whether replacement parts can be found or not). 
When sending your doll to see it can be repaired, only use a sturdy cardboard box 
and pack so additional breakage can not occur.
Dolls, Parts, or Repairs that are left over 30 days without payment for repairs or 
postage to return items to the customer 
are considered abandoned may be given to charity. 

Instructions: How to Order "Complete" Dolls
 1. Ordering a "Complete doll" as pictured on their Individual Page.

    a.  List Name, Series, and Size of doll you are ordering 
    b.  List choice of  SFGW, BCSFG, or Bisque, Painted Bisque, or Painted Bisque Kits
              (Inquire about Prices for Painted Bisque & Kits)
    c.  List  if you want straight or bent legs (when available)
    d.  List any special instructions such as: Otherwise Orders are poured with Flesh Slip and No "Cuts" 
         1.  Specify if:   "Starter Eye Holes" cut otherwise no eyeholes are cut (Bisque only sized, if not too small opening)
         2.  Specify if:   Ears pierced for earrings or mouth opened otherwise no holes are cut.
         3.  Specify if:   Ethnic color slip is desired  (There is an extra charge of $5.00/$10.00 per doll in SFGW/Bisque)
    e.  If you want to "substitute optional body parts" such as different arms or legs (when available) 
                    From Optional Interchangeable Body Part Link Pages
         1.  List:  Name and Number  Arms or Hands
         2.  List:  Name and Number  Feet or Legs

Any Questions just E-mail or Call and we will assist you.
Please note that if you use a spam filter that blocks or re-routes emails 
from senders not listed in your email address book, 
you must add dollsyourway@aol.com to your email address book 
so that you will be able to receive any response 
or Communications we send to you. 
Shipping and Handling Charges are EXTRA

 Jan-2016 - (UPS & FEDEX) Due to Carrier increases)

 UPS and FedEx will no longer charge for U.S. ground packages under 3 cubic feet by weight
but by their "dimensional weight." Instead of simply weighing a box, retailers must multiply its length
by its height and width, and then divide that by 166 to reach its dimensional weight.
Anything shipped Via the above carriers is not reflected below
~ Customer responsible for any additional costs ~

In order to save on shipping cost to ship an order we will primarily ship via USPS Priority Mail
or if  rates to high USPS Parcel Post will be an option.
(Please advise if you want Insurance cost added otherwise packages will not be insured.)

USPS Priority Mail or Parcel Post


For Each  Cloth Body - SFGW or Bisque Doll or Doll Parts Ordered:

  Minimum Shipping-Doll Part         add    $16.00 up 
  Doll 18" and below        add $24.00 * each for S&H 
 Doll 19" to 26"               add $27.00 * each for S&H
 Doll 27" to 32"               add 33.00 * each for S&H
Dolls 33" and Larger     -    Inquire for S&H rates
~Supply your Contact information & zip code ~
For quote for Shipping costs

* (Please note: Rural Deliveries and a paypal payment incurs additional cost) *
Inquire for cost on "All Porcelain Dolls" 
(S&H rates are not by length of doll)
 Larger Order Rate Quotes: 
Send us your information & zip code along with a list of what you plan to order.
We reserve the right to add into our Shipping & Handling Cost
"Any additional  pass through cost" 
*Note: Additional Charge  Applies When:*
11)  Carrier's charge a Rural Surcharge for packages going to your  Zip Code (City) 
Rates effective Jamuary 2016 Fed Ex adds approx. $3.25 extra per box.

2)  "Doll Parts"  are unusually Large and/or an Extra box is needed for shipping safely.

3) Except for Ground (Valid Business Address) Deliveries are left without a Signature Required.
a) Home Del. Customers  must Specify in writing and include the extra charge 
b)  All USPS Options are extra - Specify in writing & add fees if desired
c)  Other carriers - "delivery signature options" are Extra (approx. $2.00-$3.00)
4) Extra charges may apply if customer requires specific shipping preference or options

5)  Any Pass through cost we incur for  or Processing or Handling  your order.
) Cost for packing materials, boxes, fees charged for 

     exchange rate or receiving funds from paypal, etc.
B.) Fee's charged by Paypal (to receive a payment)  is considered a Handling Cost
(a cost to receive funds) and this fee is added to total amount due.
Shipping Carriers
Depending on the Size & Weight - US Orders will be shipped using one of the following; 
FedEx Ground -Shops/Business w/valid business address only:
(Signature required - no extra cost) 
(Deliveries Monday through Friday)
Residential (Ground) Home Delivery 
(Lost  & Damage Insurance only is  included up to $100.00) 
(Deliveries Tuesday through Saturday)
United States Postal Service (USPS)
(USPS Priority Mail only "Lost & Damage Insurance -lst $50.00 in included at no additional Charge)
(USPS "Lost & Damage Insurance is extra for each additional $50.00 value added)
(Deliveries Monday through Saturday)
PLEASE READ ~Disclaimers:
Neither the Carrier nor DYW are  responsible 
if someone steals your package after it is delivered 
Signature Insurance Option is available but Customer must: 
request in writing & pay in advance for the extra cost per box 
Otherwise:  Package is left at front door - 
Signature Service not requested (indicates that no signature was required)
Either way Signature or No Signature:
Customer must Arrange for someone to be there to get their  package(s) 
because Insurance only covers "Lost or Damaged Packages"

~Inquire for Details~
Texas Residents Only:  Add  Sales Tax  on Sub-Total of Orders @ 8.25% 

Priority Mail International Information 
We now ship to several International Countries**  via USPS.
Please email us if you are interested in ordering,
and we will check into requirements for your destination.
**We do ship to: 
~Germany~Great Britian~Italy~Japan~United Kindom ~New Zeland ~
~& Any Country that has USPS Priority International Mail Delivery Available~
Please note:  Countries that have a reputation of  Theft by 
Postal International Mail  Employees are  not the responsibility of Dolls Your Way.
If Problem arises: It would be the customer's responsibility to follow up and track package(s). 
At this time:  Only Funds Paid by using PayPal.com is accepted.
Fee's charged by Paypal to receive funds (such as Money Exchange rate & 
Fees by Paypal to receive funds) is considered a Handling Cost and added to total due
All International Payments must be made in US Currency 
and posses a bank routing number on the instrument.
(Instruments Can Not be Deposited without a routing number)


BREAKAGE IN SHIPMENT:  Upon receipt of you package(s) 
immediately unpack and carefully inspect each item for any damage. 
Within  (2) Business Days (48 hours) email or call us 
to report any breakage in your shipment.
A claim will be filed  with the carrier and you will be advised how to proceed.
Save all pieces and the shipping package for the carrier
Be sure to leave all packaging and damaged parts in tact 
in case Carrier  needs to examine the parcel. 
Replacement parts will be poured and shipped to you as soon as possible. 
BREAKAGE AFTER SHIPMENT ARRIVES: E-mail for replacement price on these items. 
- Let me know what happened - 
Texas residents only add 8.25% sales tax, absolutely no exceptions 
w/o a copy of a completed sales tax permit exemption number and form. 
We Do Care About Your Business.
We want our customers satisfied. 
Our goal is to have you tell your doll friends.
If for any reason, you are not satisfied, 
contact us within five (5) days of receipt, 
and we will discuss your concerns.
We carefully inspect each item, but if something slips past our inspection then 
please give us the opportunity to make it right. 
At our option we will either replace an item 
 or authorize a return for a refund of merchandise only.
We do not refund your Shipping Charges for the item that was sent to you.
   (Customer is responsible for all shipping and handling charges 
on all merchandise returned for a refund) 
Return Information Instructions:  You must call or email us for authorization 
prior to any item being returned and/or it will not be accepted for refund.
You may place orders by telephone, email, or (snail) mail, 
but a  completed  order form and payment must be received 
prior to order being poured or a shipment.
For orders or inquiries, call:  281 399-2003 
(Note fax option is available but must call first.)
Email:  dollsyourway@aol.com    or   dollsyourway@sbcglobal.net
All orders must be prepaid. 
We accept checks and money orders on US Accounts (US Funds Only). 
We do accept PayPal Payments that will enable you to pay using your  Credit Card.
(Fee's charged by Paypal is considered a Handling Cost and added to total due)
(Inquire for details)
Please do not send cash. 
Sorry, we do not ship C.O.D. 
(There is a $25.00 charge that will be applied for returned checks) 
If you are paying by check or money order, 
print out the order form and send it by US Postal Mail To:
Dolls Your Way
P.O Box 474
New Caney, Texas 77357
Please Note:  We do take email or telephone inquiries, but 
"Complete Doll orders" are poured in sequence of 
receipt of the payment with a completed order form.
Contact Information:
 E-Mail: dollsyourway@aol.com    or Call:   281 399-2003
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  January 2016

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