Crista / Cris
Sculpted by:
Philippe and Charisse Faraut
PCF Studios Mold

Crista has the ability to be portrayed as either a girl or a boy.
Child Series
17" Crista Head
Shoulder plate
Arms (17.1)
Straight Legs
*See Picture below for legs trimmed for bent legs
Soft Fired    $27.00
Bisque           60.00
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WigSize:      8-9 inches
Eyes:                 14 mm
Also see:   Crista, Koumba, Molly,  & Thao


All use the 17" Crista Body Parts
 Also see:   Crista, Koumba, Molly,  & Thao

Pictured are both Standing Straight and same leg trimmed for Bent Legs
If seated legs are desired, must request on special instructions on order form.
Spare must be trimmed away and  holes opened where indicated on picture above.
Her specially designed body has a wide range of movement.
Body pattern, tech sheet included with SFGW or Bisque purchase.
 PCF's  Supply Suggestions
Wig: 8-9"
Eyes: 14mm
1/8 yard of Heavy muslin
5" Soft Sculpture sewing needles
1/4" Twill tape
Polyester Fiber Fill
4    11/16" Buttons
20mm S.P. Connector
Nylon Ties or Carpet Thread
Felt or Moleskin
Eye setting material
2  3/4" Pate

This Porcelain Doll is:
Available in Porcelain SFGW (Soft Fired Greenware),
Bisque Blank (Unpainted Bisque), or
China Painted Porcelain Bisque (Painted Bisque)