Sculpted by Ron Booker
Seeley's Mold
Lady Series
23" Estella Shoulder-Head
Estella Arms
Estella Legs
 Soft Fired    $35.00
Bisque           70.00
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            Wig Size:        8/9 "  (81/4" circ.)
  Eye Size:         12 mm
 Doll Size:        23"
Elegant and charming modern lady sculpted by Ron Booker.
Exquisite facial features, slightly turned head, slim neck, delicate shoulders and feminine bustline.
Arms bent at elbows and wrists.
Legs start at knee and end with gently pointed toes.
Painted or glass eyes, pierced ears.
Doll Artisan, Vol. 17, No. 1;
Doll Pro April/May/June 1997.
Estelle & Harte
Available from
S857 Estella shoulder-head mold.
A9857 Arm mold.
L9857 Leg mold.
BP75 body patternh
MP46 1895's Evening gown, underwear
WSMD18 Estella worksheet.