Philippe and Charisse Faraut
by PCF Studios
15" All Porcelain Doll Fashion Doll
 15" Naoma Head
Shoulder/Upper Bust
SFGW    $35.00
 Bisque     $70.00
Click names to see the 2 other heads that fit this body:
15" Alex (Mini)
15" Andrea
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WigSize:      4-5 inches
Eyes:  8-9mm or Painted
Naoma is the perfect model for all your ethnic costuming ideas.
Naoma, Alex, &  Andrea uses the same body, they can wear
the popular 15 1/2" fashion doll outfits.
Some of the Materials Recommended by PCF Studios
3.5 mm Stringing Cord
2 ~ 16 mm twistable spring neck button
2 ~ 20 mm Twistable spring neck button
Moleskin or Felt
Silicone or Paraffin
Painted eyes or 8-9 mm eyes
Eye Setting Compound
Mini Lashes or Bottom of set of lashes
4-5 inch wig
7 1/2" Saddle Stand for 14-16" dolls
Painting & Assemble Instructions, and
Shoe Instructions to make Pumps or Open Toed Sandles
for 15' Fashion Dolls
are included with
SFGW or Bisque Instructions.
Molds: Price: Complete        $224.00
            Head only       $94.00
Outfit Pattern: Dress: #PCF205 (Available from PCF)