Good Morning Sugar Britches
 Sculpted by Artist: Boots Tyner
Boots & Friends ~ Mold by Van Hellen

Baby/Infant Series
19" G.M. Sugar Britches Head
 GM Sugar Britches Fist
Soft Fired    $25.00
Bisque           55.00
G.M. Sugar Britches Head w/Legs
  Sugar Britches Fist
Sweet Feet or Bent Baby Legs
Soft Fired    $35.00 - $40.00
Bisque           75..00 - $80.00
Interchangeable Parts:
20" ARMS
20"  LEGS
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Eye Size:   18 mm
          Wig Size:  12/13 inches
 (Careful some 12/13 wigs can overpower)
(Bell's 11-12" Honey Wig fit great)

Original Instructions by "Boot Tyner" on China Painting " Sugar Britches"
Paints:  Lt. Pompadour Red, Matt Brown or Hair Brown
China Paint Medium

.1).   Eyebrows:        Use Matt Brown or Hair Brown.
       Blot Until very light in color.
             Keep brows faint and not heavy.
2).  Lips/Nostrils:  Use Lt. Pompadour mixed with medium in a
                       light colored mixture.         Not to dark!
        3).  Cheeks:             Blush the cheeks by pouncing with Lt. Pompadour.
                                          Also blush the chin, sides of nostrils, and ears lightly.
 4).  Hands:              Outline the nails with Lt. Pompadour.
                Blush the palms and backs of hands.
China Fire to cone 018

How to apply Eyelashes
Using a toothpick, apply glue to rim of lashes and run
some glue the length of the groove under the eyelid.
Allow glue to set *about 3 minutes - until  tacky.
Next: use toothpick to press lashes up under eyelid.
(Allow to dry 30 minutes.- Trim if necessary)

When filled with pellets she will weight approx. 4 1/2 lbs.
She will wear "preemie" baby clothes.
For example:
Must choose clothes carefully.Sleepers & gowns with hoods
Little dresses with collars if you tie elastic under the collar
to hold collar close to neck so cloth body fabric doesn't show.
Little Turtle necks are great on boy baby dolls.
Sugar Britches wears a size 11 Bonnet or hat,
and size 00 or 0 shoes
She wears Newborn tights and  newborn disposable diapers.

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Good Morning Sugar Britches
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Good Morning Sugar Britches by Boots Tyner is the adorable Sugar Britches
after she has just woke up.   Porcelain head and hands.

(Cloth body pattern included ONLY  with doll purchase).

Available in Porcelain SFGW (Soft Fired Greenware),
Bisque Blank (Unpainted Bisque), or
China Painted Porcelain Bisque (Painted Bisque)