Original Sculpted by Gwen Ross
Mystic Mold Company

"Linda Plaskett"
Painted by & Picture of Doll
Show with permission
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Available in 2 sizes:
Teen/Lady Series
24" Jade Head
Dominique Breast Plate - fits better
(Marhia B/P is available)
Small Jade Arms
Marhia's Legs
Soft Fired:    $30.00
Bisque            60.00

 32" Jade Head
 Jade Shoulder Plate
Large Jade Arms
Jade Legs
Soft  Fired:    $45.00
Bisque            90.00
Ethnic Slip Color is Extra: $5.00 in SFGW or $10.00 in Bisque
Interchangeable Body Parts:


.Comparison  Larger Lady Body Parts

Available Options for larger Dolls are Extra:
Inquire about 36" -  42" Jade using interchangeable parts
Arms:  Dawn Adams 36" Arms, 36" Lady Grace Arms, Klown by Kay 37" Lady Hands,
Leatha Marie Arms, Grace Arms, etc/
Legs:  Dawn Adams 36" Barefoot Legs or 36" Victorian Boots, Vicki Hamilton 36" Heel/Shoe Legs
Grace Heeled Legs cut off for Standing or Bent sitting Legs, 37" Klowns by Kay Lady Legs, etc
Chest Plate:  and Lady Body:   Leatha Marie Chest Plate. or 37" Julia Brest Plate

(Inquire about Cost forLarger parts for SFGW/Bisque/Painted Bisque/Extra for Ethnic Slip choices)

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For 32" Jade
Wig Size;    16/17 inches
Eyes Size:     22 mm


**Please keep in mind that these pictures are from other doll artists;
they are not my own creation**

Revised:  6-2014

Available in Porcelain SFGW (Soft Fired Greenware),
Bisque Blank (Unpainted Bisque), or
China Painted Porcelain Bisque (Painted Bisque)


SFGW Individual Price
Jade as 32" using Jade Parts
 32" : M-605 Jade Head   $19
.a) Jade S/P      $15
b) Jade Hands  $13
c) Jade Legs    $13

 Interchangeable Parts - Larger Sizes
Jade as 42" using
Julia B/P
 or Jade Arms
Irene Boot Legs or Barefoot
Leatha Marie's  Body Pattern