Sculpted by "Betty Ruth Burchfield"
Little Reb's Molds by Rick Van Hellens

Fashion Lady Doll Series
  29" Debbie Head
* Breastplate
 * Arms
  * Legs
Complete w/Debbie Parts
Soft Fired    $35.00
Bisque          75.00
Interchangable Parts:
Ali Hanson 29" Lady Doll Series
Arms & Legs only
(Additional cost to above price)
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  Eye Size:       14  mm
Wig Size:     10/11  in.

Some of the Features of the Little Reb's Dolls
Legs are sculpted from knees down allowing the doll to sit or stand
Mold shoes with heels allows a variety of ways to make shoes.
Breastplate ends below breast (must be seen to be appreciated)
Hands and arms are sculpted above the wrist which allows for many arm positions.
Her beautiful hands have long fingernails and separated fingers.
Small rings may be added easily.
 Front View Body
Side View Body
Patterns  & Wigs  for Little Reb dolls are available from her on her website:

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Auction Spotlight of Debbie
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This Porcelain Doll is:
Available in Porcelain SFGW (Soft Fired Greenware),
Bisque Blank (Unpainted Bisque), or
China Painted Porcelain Bisque (Painted Bisque)